New Series: Art Museums and Their Games

For the rest of April, I’ll be exploring the use of educational games in art museums.  This will cover both digital games and analog games.  I’ve come across a few museums who have invested in gaming, but not many.  Museums’ relationship to technology is somewhat new and many critics deem gaming and digital technologies as distractions, detracting the attention and “aura“.  I tend to sway the other way.  Art museums were built with elitist undertones which creates an uncomfortable and stuffy environment.  Gaming, both digital and analog, helps break away at years of aristocratic hierarchies to create a comfortable, entertaining learning environment.  Because honestly, museums can get a bit boring sometimes.  Up first will be the Tate’s app, Race Against Time.  Stay tuned!


P.S. If you have any suggestions/ideas/thoughts, send them my way!


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