Art Museums and Games: MoMA Art Lab App

I want to start by saying that the Museum of Modern Art is one of my all time favorite museums.  Yes, they are always insanely crowded.  But I still believe that MoMA cares deeply about itd visitors their experiences.  Case in point, the MoMA Audio+ (which I will talk about later.)  They undertook extensive audience research and made changes in order to meet the need of their visitors.  Another program that I cannot gush enough about is MoMA Create Ability.  I have not come across any other museum that offers programs for adults with learning and developmental disabilities.  In my next blog post, I will talk about the need for variety in adult education programs, but for now, let’s talk about the MoMA Art Lap App.

There’s one major difference between this program and the others I have looked at and that’s the fact that is offered through a free app!  I’m going to admit right now that I do not know if it is easier to develop an app versus developing a game for a desktop computer.  An app seems easier and more interesting to younger generations.  It’s also something that can be easily accessed at the museum.  I cannot say for certain, but I can imagine MoMA providing iPads in a section of the gallery so that children could use this.

Since this will really be my last post about children’s games at art museums, I can say that is my all time favorite game.  First, the design is very clean and keeps MoMA’s branding.  Some of the other games did not match their museum’s branding.

There are many different play options in the game.  There’s an open play, where you can create art using shapes and colors.  There is the “ideas” section that gives you prompts on what to create.  Then there’s the “activities” section that gives you lists of specific activities to complete.

I chose an “idea”.

Choose an "idea"

Choose an “idea”

Here’s what I made.




  • Design – So fresh and so clean!
  • Fun factor – It’s actually fun, and the ideas section provides stability!
  • Portable – This is great because it can by played in and outside the gallery.


  • Replay-ability – Not super high because once you go through all the ideas it can get boring and repetitive.  BUT if they regularly add more ideas, then this game is great.

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